Jason VanDunk ~ The 2019 Recipient of the Charles W. D'Amico Scholarship

"As a student with ADD/ADHD and a learning disability, this scholarship means so much to me and it is such an honor to receive it. Throughout high school I learned to manage my time and prioritize as well as learned to advocate for myself. I decided to challenge myself academically.  I moved from a B level English Class to a C level English my junior year because I felt it was time for me to rise to the occasion and face my obstacles head on. I was successful, and I continued the rest of my high school career with good grades. I also took on a very hectic schedule and learned to juggle my time to be the best I could be. I was a three-sport athlete playing football, indoor track, and football and also worked a part-time job while keeping up my grades. Throughout my four years of being in high school I learned a lot about responsibility and time management because of the amount of school work I was given in the higher level classes I decided to take. I am proof that you can do anything you put your mind to and achieve any goal you desire with hard work and determination.

Sports taught me a lot about discipline, setting goals and working towards achieving goals. Sports also made me hold myself to a higher standard as a person and made me expect more out of myself. I was never concerned solely about my role as a player on the team; I was more concerned with being the best teammate I can be. I learned that on every good team there is a sense of family, and I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to play for some of the best coaches alongside some of the best players throughout my high school career.Every challenge I have taken on during my years of high school has had a major effect on who I am now. It has made me a smart, strong, disciplined young man. I thank all my teachers, coaches, and friends so much for helping me get to where I’m at now, and I in turn, wish all of them much success." ~Jason VanDunk, 2019  Recipient

-Jason is attending Brookdale Community College he is studying Criminal Justice.