• Join Together As A Hockey CommunityFoster a sense of community by encouraging players, coaches, rinks, and organizations to join together to help others

  • Establish Partnerships With Other Nonprofit OrganizationsSupport other nonprofit organizations and assist those organizations in providing for their causes

  • Develop LeadershipEncourage players, coaches, rinks, and organizations to model leadership skills by giving back through charitable donations and/or volunteer opportunities

  • Encourage Participation - Encourage others to participate in community-based fundraising events in order to give back

  • Assist Others - Assist individuals on case-by-case basis in order to provide assistance to those who may be facing hardships that affect their lives

  • Foster Sportsmanship In Players - Encourage sportsmanship and leadership qualities and act as role models for youth athletes in order to instill values of sportsmanship, camaraderie among teammates, respect for others, and  the willingness to assist within the community

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