Kyle Little ~ The 2017 Recipient of the Charles W. D'Amico Scholarship

-"Throughout my years of playing hockey I have not been this biggest player, the fastest, strongest, smartest, or most athletic. However, with all certainty, I can promise you I have tried my absolute best year in and year out. At the end of the day it is not about being the best player on the ice. It is about playing the very best you can, every single shift, from whistle to whistle. Everyone wants to be on the best team available, and they want to win the championship; however in order to do that they must ask themselves: "Am I willing to put in that work?" For those who answer,  "Yes," those are the players who go out on the ice and work for every use of the puck, who sacrifice their bodies whether it's taking a hit, blocking a shot, or hustling on the back check. Those are the players who become champions. Those players will be successful not only in the game of hockey but in life. Those are the players that skate it forward and will work to make a better tomorrow  - not only for themselves but for others around them.

-Thanks again for choosing me as the recipient of your father's scholarship. I look to build off the confidence this award has given me. "

-Kyle Little

2017 Charles W. D'Amico Scholarship Recipient

    Kyle's Athletic Achievements
   -Captain since sophomore year 
   -Second Team All County 2 times
   -First Team All Conference
   -Earned 50 points as a       

    -Voted Most Dedicated Player

    -Second Team All County
    -First Team All County 2 times
    -Honorable Mention All State 2

    -Second Team All State
    -Selected to All State Game
    -8th in the Nation for Save       

    -Captain of  the Team during

        senior year 
    -Voted Team MVP
    -North Jersey Player of the Year

    -Earned over 800 saves in his


-Kyle will be attending Montevallo College in Alabama where he will play Division II Lacrosse as a goalie.