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The Charles W. D'Amico Scholarship has been awarded since June of 2012 by the Magie and D'Amico families in memory of Charles "Chuck" D'Amico.
Chuck was born on February 22, 1947 and was raised in Paterson, NJ.  Upon graduating from Paterson Technical High School where he was enrolled in the auto mechanics program, Chuck was drafted by the United States Army. He served in the Vietnam War during 1966 thru 1968.  After his service in the Army, Chuck became the owner of D'Amico's Friendly Service Station in Haskell, NJ which he owned and operated for over 40 years.  In 1969, Chuck married his long-time sweetheart, Georgianna, and they moved to Haskell, NJ where Georgianna still resides. Chuck and Georgianna have one daughter, Dawn, and one grandson, Allen Charles.  Chuck and Georgianna were happily married for 42 years.  
Chuck was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April of 2010.  Refusing to allow his terminal illness to stop him, he continued to live life to its fullest. Never did a day go by when he wavered in his commitment to his family and friends.  He remained a loyal husband, father, father in law, grandpa and friend and was always there to help those who needed it.  He is best remembered by his family for his humorous comments, his laugh and smile, his true love for life, and most importantly, his compassion for others.  

Chuck passed away on September 5, 2011 surrounded by his family and friends after a 17-month battle with pancreatic cancer.  Before his passing, he asked his family to not mourn the loss, but to remember him by continuing to "always be thankful and do the right thing."  

In memory of Chuck, his daughter began presenting the Charles W. D'Amico Scholarship beginning in June of 2012.  Dawn has been a special education teacher in the West Milford School District since 2002, and Chuck was extremely proud she chose the path of education.  For this reason, the Charles W. D'Amico Scholarship has been presented to eleven graduating seniors from West Milford High School so Dawn can give back to her district in her father's memory. In order to qualify, all applicants must have an individualized education plan and must demonstrate characteristics of leadership, community service, compassion, and the dedication to overcome any obstacles necessary for success - the same characteristics Chuck demonstrated teach day of his life.  All applicants must plan to continue their education at a two-year, four-year, or technical school upon graduation.

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