Chyna Gerety ~ The 2018 Recipient of the Charles W. D'Amico Scholarship

"Winning the Charles W. D'Amico Scholarship will help me a great deal in the purchase of books and supplies for college.  It is also very dear to me that I have had the chance to win this scholarship, because Mrs. Magie who is Charles D'Amico's daughter, was my 8th grade Math teacher.  When I am asked about my time as a student at West Milford High School, I will first say that it has been a crazy roller coaster ride for me, and I cannot believe that my time in high school has ended.  If there is one thing I will want people to remember me by as a student at WMHS, it is that I was a kind, determined person.  School work did not always come easy to me and I had to dedicate myself to earn good grades.  I had to learn to budget my time and my priorities as well as ask for help when needed.  I also started each and every morning determined to be kind to people because in today's world, kindness is not always easy to come by.  I tried my hardest to be genuinely kind to everyone I met throughout my days at school, and I think I've done that, by just helping someone in the hallway or being a dedicated volunteer to specific causes. Throughout my years at WMHS, I also tried my hardest to get involved in activities that would allow me to help others.  I was a volunteer for Special Olympics teams on multiple occasions, and this is something I feel has truly made me a better person.  Special Olympics was very rewarding to me and I plan on continuing my work with them. This past year when I was a senior, I volunteered for the Tim Tebow Foundation's "Night to Shine," which is one night for individuals with disabilities to have fun at their own prom.  Not many kids my age would think that they would want to spend a Friday night volunteering at this type of event, but it was one of the most enjoyable times I have ever had. Seeing the kids with smiles on their faces, dressed in their prom attire, and enjoying themselves throughout the night was something that I will always remember.  I encourage everyone, especially young people my age, to get involved with Special Olympics, Tim Tebow's Foundation, or any type of cause that will help others.  The reward you will find by helping the community is so special.  Through the hard work and dedication I had to my school work, I was also able to earn a place on the National Honor Society.  For someone who needs to work as hard as I do to obtain good grades, finding out I had earned a spot on NHS was amazing.  Through my hard work and NHS, I also qualified for The New Jersey Stars, which means that if I go to a community college before attending another college, my entire community college career will be paid for in full.  This is so exciting to me!  I would not have reached all of my goals and made these accomplishments if it weren't for my parents and family, as well as teachers such as Mrs. Magie, Miss Waddilove (now Mrs. Zackaroff), Mrs. Scully, and Mrs. Rembrandt for their help and dedication throughout the years I attended the West Milford School District.  Thanks to them, I will be attending Passaic County Community College in the fall as my stepping stone to my future college career.  Overall, my advice to others is to never give up on your dreams and to take any opportunities you can because you never know where life will take you.  Get involved in community service and help others - it only makes you a better person.  I would like to thank Mrs. Magie and her husband as well as Skate It Forward, Inc. for honoring me with the Charles W. D'Amico Scholarship!"

                                     -Chyna Gerety, 2018 Recipient