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This is My Story

~Coach Allen Magie

My love for hockey has grown more in my adulthood than I could have imagined.  I credit this to my son and his love of the game.  As father and son, we spend most of our time watching hockey games together at home, attending countless college hockey and NHL games, and are blessed to have had our time on the ice as father and son.  As an adult, this is why I have  found a renewed love and passion for the game.

When my son began playing hockey, I had the opportunity to coach.  My goal was not to just win or develop skills on the ice, but to be sure my players would remember me and something I taught them. I wanted them to appreciate the opportunities offered to them and in turn, I wanted to teach them to give back to the community and individuals who are less fortunate.


In 2015 I came up with an idea I called, "Skate It Forward".  Each month, I purchased a specific colored hockey stick tape, and my team skated in support of a cause while raising money to donate.  I had no idea that two seasons later, my idea would become one that has grown to an unimaginable vision. 


Inspired as an adult by my late father-in-law Chuck who always used the words, "Be thankful for what you have and always do the right thing," I decided to make my "Skate It Forward" idea official by starting a nonprofit organization.  I hope to bring together the youth hockey community and instill values of leadership, respect, community service, generosity, and sportsmanship in youth athletes, teaching them what Chuck taught me: "to always be thankful and do the right thing."

In memory of my father-in-law who passed away in 2011 and never had a chance to see my son skate or to see me coach hockey, I dedicate Skate It Forward, Inc. to him for the everlasting impression he made on me to be thankful for what I have and to give back and do the right thing.


This one's for you Chuck! 

~Allen L. Magie, Founder  & President of Skate It Forward, Inc.

"Always be thankful

and do the right thing."

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